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Gravy Train  #976 in DX, CB radio operator since 1968.  I've been using the Gizmotchy®
beam since 1970.  I consider it the world's best beam!  John McQueen  3/27/2010
The above six element Gizmotchy® antenna is owned by Barry.  Barry says, I have had this baby up in the air since 1994
with no problems.  I love this  beam and I cannot think of a substitute.  I call this baby my big leg girls. Barry is in Clarksville,
Tennessee, the Smokie hills, and talks on channel six, the super bowl.  Barry is known as the Golddigger and his main
saying out there in DX land is, "There's gold in them hills"   It sounds like Barry has found his gold in our antenna.  We think
the antenna still looks good after 12 years up in the air.
Here is a picture  of my three element Gizmotchy® that I put up in November, 2005.  It does great being mounted on the
chimney with no troubles at all.  We have had winds up to 75 MPH and it doesn't budge at all.  It is turned by a heavy duty
TV rotor. Making contacts 85 miles away with just the Browning and the Gizmotchy® with no trouble.  

Scott Patton      Grumpy's communication    Lancaster, Pennsylvania
The above antenna belongs to Francis Dearth in Danville, IL.  Francis put this antenna up on December 31, 2005.  The
beam is 48 feet above the ground and Francis is making direct contacts as far as 80 miles.
need to replace the front vertical elements(6th) due to a limb bending it up during the install, and we will finish fine tuning
the vertical match when I go back up to replace the element(Still1.3:1) and the lift got stuck during install as well! The flat
side let's me talk skip anytime and anywhere in an unbelievable way! The best ears I have ever had! This thing is a
Will Cleveland in Ladysmith, Va. ( 557 the WORLD Famous Texas Rattlesnake) Love ya,  WC

P.S. The antenna is about 42 feet to the tip of the vertical elements! The old AR22 rotor turns the light thing with ease, Now
we need to make a miniature version of one to put on my mobile, what do ya think?
This is what a Texas wind storm does to a tower.
How much stress will a Gizmotchy® Antenna withstand?

Pictured above is Jim Blitch and his son Daniel from Georgia raising a 12 element Gizmotchy® Antenna.  I will let you the
reader make your own judgements about how much our antenna will withstand  by looking at this picture.  Daniel has grown
up since this picture was taken and has a full ride football scholarship next year at Wake Forest College.  The NFL is
probably his next stop.
Here is a picture of Stan Coutant's,  AA6SC,  Gizmotchy® antenna taken in 1964.

November 3, 2011: Thank you, Tom, for a great antenna design. I'm the guy whose
dad was a machinist, and put together a four-element Gizmo for eleven meters back in
1967. Then he and I got our ham licenses, and we put the Gizmo in the overhead of
the garage, and put up dipoles for forty and eighty meters. Then last year when we
were hoping ten meters was coming back, my wife and I brought down the Gizmo and
shortened it for 28 MHz. Then we stuck it up onto a fifteen-foot pole, and have been
amazed with its performance. During the CQ WW DX Contest last weekend I worked a
Russian, a Frenchman, an Italian, and a Belgian in quick succession. Today I was
sitting on 28.390 MHz and called a guy. When we finished, seven more fellows called
me, two or three having heard me mention the Gizmotchy, and wanting to say they had
heard of it also, and were using old CB antennae of their own. And before that string of
contacts, I worked two stations located in the Caribbean. Suffice it to say it has been a
great day, for which I thank you again.
Stan Coutant
Johnson Valley
The Mojave Desert
Southern California
Gizmotchy® the best and the match on the vertical and horizontal side is 1.1 on channel 19 with 75 ohm ca/tv coax.   I talk
all over the US and South America so its working.   The antenna is so stout I see my Antron whipping around and the
Gizmotchy® just wiggling.  They definitely are made of the best  aluminum.  
Anthony Daniels
This antenna is owned by James Boone aka Burning Bush, from Camp Lejeune, North Carolina.  James modified
the beam from the 2nd director by making it 1" shorter all the way to the 4th director.  It is turned by a Yaesu
G-800SA rotor.  James says he got his first Gizmotchy® back in the 80s and has been a believer ever since.  
James can be found on the Super Bowl Channel 6.
Tom, thanks for all the help on getting the antenna and the extra parts I ordered.  I wanted to try stretching the boom and
see if I could get some extra gain out of the antenna.  This monster is sure doing a fantastic job.  Seeing 3 s-unit increases
over the ground plane which is a lot of gain!  The side rejection on this baby is awesome!  This beam will rival any of the
moonraker 6's or the Lazer 400's at about half the weight or more.  I really believe the 31.5 foot boom is the ticket for this
antenna.  Including some pictures, I think you will be pleased with the way it came out.  Once again thanks,
David Brown, Tennessee - David should of been a photographer if he isn't .
Chuck's 6 element Gizmotchy from San Francisco.  Not sure of the age of this antenna but Chuck says it's old.
Getting good reports on the performance.   Freddy Bennett,  Wilmer, AL
This Gizmotchy® 3 Element is owned by 741 NE Oregon. Looks great
up there and he tells us he's very pleased with it:

"I must say this is by far the best beam I have ever bought. It works
very well, have talked back East and got very good reports back from
everyone I contacted".
This great looking 4 element Gizmotchy is owned by Trevor in British Columbia, Canada.
He reports satisfaction with the ease of installation and tuning and tells us he's loving the
beam! This is our first picture of a Gizmotchy installed in Canada and we hope to add
more to the gallery soon.

This amazing picture was sent in by Darin in Kentucky:

I love my 3 element Gizmotchy's. I live in Eddyville,Ky.
and talk all over the world on 10/11 meters.

Thank you for a great product,

We're thrilled that you're enjoying it, Darin!
This four element Gizmotchy is owned by Andy in Ohio. Andy reports:
"Seems to work very well, have had a lot of big signal reports loud and
proud. Actually had 1 guy tell me hes never heard anything like that
come over his way from my area (strongest he ever heard) 30 over s9.
pretty good antenna."
Glad you're liking it, Andy!
Love this picture sent in by Mingo Santiago (static255) in Kissimmee,
Florida! He is waiting for his permit to put it up another 20', but says,
"Just received my 4 element!!!! Only 20 feet in air, Happy customer..."
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Big thanks to 202 out of Arkansas for this awesome picture of
his new Gizmotchy 5 Element sitting at 58 feet in the air.
Picture was taken January 2013. Withstanding Northern Michigan’s Harsh Winters and High
Winds. Best antenna I have ever owned. Have talked to many different Countries with this
antenna and still going to add another element to it! Thanks Gizmotchy for such a great
antenna! - Randy

I don't know what it is with Gizmotchy owners, but they sure do take nice pictures! Glad you're
enjoying it, Randy!
"  Great Antenna !!! Talk all over the world, I am up about 55 foot and I love this
beam and you will too !! Thanks, Leo Kemper, Columbia Missouri  "

Another great picture from a proud Gizmotchy® owner!
We are happy to hear you are enjoying it, Leo!
My new Gizmotchy up at 80ft. here in Frankfort, KY. My first radio check came from a guy in
southern California,he said it was loud and clear. Thanks Charles Electronics!! -Joe

Glad you are enjoying it, Joe! Thank you!
Thank you, Mike, for sending in this great
picture of your Gizmotchy 3!
Big thanks to John in Adelaide Australia for sending in pictures of his Gizmotchy beam!

He says: As far as l can tell im the only  Gizmochy operator in southern australia here's a few pictures of my favorite
beam ,I call him Charles ,at the moment its about 22 feet up in the air for tuning (swr when put together VERT 1-5-1
/HORIZ 1-3-1 pretty good out of box and assembled , , don't no if I will even worry about adjusting it works great as is
)before being mounted at about 50/60 foot on a home made fold down tower , , I'm about 40km /25 mile south east of
adelaide city in a place called prospect hill in the middle of a forests and hills  , elevation around 600 meters above sea
level over looking the hills, I often push 20 plus Q5 mod to perth WA , Queensland and south Africa and USA/CANADA
/EUROPE AND THE REST nothing but great reports from all over the world .I also run a 30 year old 5/8s ground plane
vertical .I have old equipment Phantom communicator cybernet radio , turner 500 expander Mike and around 100 watts
help, I'm always on the radio , chn 35 lsb, 38 lsb , 555 usb if you want to talk about the gizmochy my call sign is   ALFA
king of the Mountain    ADELAIDE AUSTRALIA .
"This thing just hammers and the thing works 10 and 11 Meters like a dream"
Thank you to Gary in PA for sharing his Gizmotchy 3 Element with us!
Huge thank you to
Martin in Quebec
Canada for these
stunning pictures of
his new Gizmotchy 5

Looks great up there.
Thank you to Bill out of
Blanchard, Idaho for this
great picture of his new
Gizmotchy 3 Element.

He says: "The DIY tower is
a 43 foot tall tilt-up, built
from chain-link fence top
rail. I use a Harbor Freight
winch and battery pack to
raise and lower."
Love this picture of a Gizmotchy 8 element sent in by
Crazy Horse!
Thanks to 727 South Carolina for this
great picture of his Gizmotchy 3!
Keith's Gizmotchy 4 flying high!
Thanks to Eddie out of Cumberland
Furance, TN for this awesome picture
of his Gizmotchy 6
Big thank you to Bobby Stasio (aka)
188 The Snowbeast in Fresno, CA for
this great picture of his brand new