1.5 KW Power Handling Capacity

Transmits and receives in an uni-directional (one direction) pattern

Horizontal and Vertical Polarization Twin Feed

Gamma matched, both horizontal and vertical, to 50 ohms

All Aluminum Seamless Construction

Forward Gain: 9 DB

Boom Length:  9 feet

Weight: 10 lbs

SWR:  1:1  

Gizmotchy® 6 Meter Power Booster

The Gizmotchy® 6 Meter Power Booster consists of another set  of director elements
identical to those on the antenna plus an extension boom.  Addition of the first
Gizmotchy® Power Booster adds approximately 3 db to the forward gain of the
Gizmotchy® antenna.  One or more Gizmotchy® power boosters may be added
to the Gizmotchy®  antenna.  Weight of each power booster is 3 lbs.  
Gizmotchy® 6 Meter Beam Antenna