The largest known Gizmotchy® in the world at the present time is owned by Jim Blitch.  Jim has
been one of our dealers for many years.  Below are pictures of Jim's antenna.  One of our
customers in Connecticut calls Jim's antenna "One Blitchen Antenna"  This antenna fits in the class
of Extreme Gizmotch
antennas.  If there is a larger one out there in the world, please contact us.  
Mounted directly underneath  the Gizmotchy®  antenna is a 13 element 2 meter beam.  It looks
like Mr. Tucker did an excellent job of assembling and mounting the antenna.

Send us a picture and description of your
extreme beam!
The above Gizmotchy® is owned by Panama Red in North Carolina. While there are bigger antennas out there, this
antenna is unique because it is mounted on top of a 101 foot pine tree and turned by a $39 rotor. Panama Red got
his first Gizmotchy® in the 70's and has talked all over the world. He has just recently returned to the radio. This
antenna has been through seven good ice storms and many more high winds than he cares to talk about. Panama
Red says these beams were made to put almost anywhere. We tend to agree with him as this is the only antenna that
we know of that is mounted on top of a very large tree. Panama Red refers to the tree as his Pine Tower! He says he
loves these antennas and you can find him and his Tram Titan II almost any night on Channel 13. Check him out.
What we are wondering is how Panama Red got it up the tree....
The monster 7 element Gizmotchy® in the two pictures above is owned by
Dennis in Lancaster, SC -  DX 84.
We think it looks great against that nice blue sky - 109' in the air!
The two photos above are from Clarence in Iowa. He's giving us great reports on the
performance of his new Gizmotchy®: I'm really happy with the 8 element Gizmotchy! Last
night I had some contacts from South East Minnesota and around the Minneapolis area
without skip! So thats about 250 to 300 miles rough guess, but it was exciting.

We're happy to hear you're loving it, Clarence!
The impressive 9 element Gizmotchy in the two pictures above is owned by
Bryan in Osceola, Texas. This monster antenna is 103' in the air!  Bryan
tells us that he can hear and talk far better than he could ever believe.  
Bryan - Crazy Cooter, Bravo Sierra 2890  
Here we have Richard's monster beam in Itasca, Texas.
Looks great!